Just like that, 2023 has begun. And with that comes the season of new: new goals, new plans, and new initiatives. But there is something to be said about simple and clear goals as well, especially when it comes to your business.

Whether your staffing firm focuses on technology, engineering, health care, or anything in between, one thing is for certain: you are first and foremost a people business. How can you make 2023 a year where you build better relationships with your people? You can start by following these three simple resolutions.

Number One: Reengage with Your People

From your candidates to your clients, look at whom you connected with this last year. Whom do you need to follow up with to keep the conversation going? Perhaps someone last fall was contemplating a career change or maybe a client was considering expanding their software engineer team – those are prime opportunities for a follow-up conversation! Make a plan over the course of the next six months on target audiences and when you want to engage with those connections.

Oftentimes you have a variety of candidates who possess distinct certifications, want to work in specific geographic regions, demand only remote options, or other precise traits. Even your clients have their own industry requirements for candidates or expectations about their culture fit. The list goes on for both and you need to consider what communication suits each unique group best. For example, sending out a simple survey to candidates to gauge their current interest in certain roles could be a simple but effective way to reconnect.

This brings up the important GIGO (Garbage In / Garbage Out) principle. By removing the irrelevant and or inaccurate information, you will clear out that garbage data and create a clear and reliable pipeline of contacts. And this step is key to connecting with your target audience because:

  1. You will be able to see those who are no longer responding to you. If they’re not interested, you can spare yourself time.
  2. You can effectively add people to your pipeline and build better relationships with responsive candidates and clients.

Additionally, consider your current contractors and ongoing clients. Creating a touch point to make sure they are satisfied with the current working dynamic helps fortify preexisting bonds. A new year is a perfect time to check in and make sure everyone is happy and content in their role or with your company’s services. And if they’re discontented, you’ve proactively obtained feedback that can help you address their concerns.

Number Two: Review the Quality of Your Data

Review all you know again about the quality of your data. See what’s been done up until this point – what fields have been properly marked in your ATS? Where are there duplicate contacts in your records? How can automations increase your overall efficiency? Evaluate these and other questions meticulously, and then map out your next steps.

Here’s an example I see constantly. You have 500+ jobs in your system that are marked as active, but you know they are not actually all open. It’s a good bet that clients are not accepting candidates for all those open orders. For any position older than two months, ensure the jobs are still accepting candidates or are at least still open in the client’s system. Spend a couple of days weeding through these positions and mark them as closed in your ATS. That way you will create a clean slate of information and be more productive with your time, which leads right into my last resolution.

Number Three: Set Goals for Yourself

Maybe at first glance this sounds like an oversimplification but write out your goals. Studies show that you are 42% more likely to achieve your goal if you write them down. Set milestones that you want to achieve over the next three to twelve months for different aspects of what you do, like sales and marketing specific goals.

For example, how many new candidates do you want to bring into your pool by the start of Q2, or how many positions are you targeting to fill by end of Q3? How much new business are you trying to drum up? What and who are your targets for the next year? When you lay it out and have a clear understanding (and write out those goals), you can see if your current setup can help you achieve those milestones.

Know your goals and stay on track for your organization. Of course, you want to try and meet every client or candidate’s need, but you can’t make everyone happy. Your business has a tailored set of goals to direct the year – don’t lose sight of that.

If you’re ready to actualize your New Year’s goals, from re-engagement strategies to data quality, Cubex is here to make that wish a reality. Our services can help map out your next steps to make 2023 the best year yet.

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