About us

We ensure that our clients are equipped with a stable IT environment, a system workflow that’s specifically optimized for their business, and both the hardware and software necessary to make work feel a lot less like work.

For nearly two decades, Cubex Group has specialized in helping small- to medium-sized businesses in the New York metropolitan area with technology solutions, no matter what industry they’re in. Helping our clients establish a stable IT environment and foundation is Cubex Group’s core goal. From there, we work with businesses to optimize their technology set-ups to find the most efficient workflow to meet their business needs. Our years of experience with dozens of different businesses of all sizes make us uniquely capable to meet any challenge and provide you with the right solutions. Whether you need a basic Office 365 deployment for your team, or you need to set up a large-scale environment to connect multiple offices together, Cubex Group has you covered.

Customer Service

Any time, day or night, Cubex Group is ready and available to serve you. Our experienced and certified technology strategists and technicians have the tools necessary to keep your systems up and running smoothly. We’re quick to respond, diagnose, and resolve whatever issues you or your employees encounter, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When dealing with larger issues that require more time to fix, Cubex Group provides an initial assessment of the issue, guidance necessary for short-term resolutions, and a detailed breakdown on how and when clients can expect permanent fixes, including actions, timelines, and budgets.

Meet our team

David Rubin

David Rubin, president of Cubex Group, has been deeply involved in the world of technology for more than  twenty-five years. 

Since forming Cubex Group in 2001, he has maintained relationships  with clients, managing projects for some, and serving as a consulting Chief Technology Officer for others.  Using his experience and expertise, he assists companies in multiple lines of business, helping them to align their business goals with the best-in-class  technology.

Today, David and his team work with companies ranging in size from two people to two hundred.  Cubex Group is managing workstations and servers for users across North America and ensuring security and continuity for all of their clients.  Cubex Group is also working closely on such  projects as integrations, migrations, and business analysis with products such as Office 365, Google Apps, Bullhorn, NetSuite, FishBowl, E-Automate, and other SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS solutions. 

Paul Storic

Paul Storic graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from C.W. Post Long Island University.  Upon graduating, he joined Cubex Group under the direct mentorship of owner and CEO David Rubin.  Working for a fast-paced Managed Service Provider has provided Storic an excellent opportunity for daily exposure to the information technology space and allowed him to stay on top of current tech trends to better provide for Cubex Group’s clients.