Office 365 Management Made Easy.

Manage Multiple Office 365 Tenants

 Single Pane of Glass

  • Now, AdminDroid can efficiently manage multiple Office 365 tenants in a single portal. This helps the CSP, MSP, Microsoft Partners, and Organization with multiple tenants to easily manage their tenants in a single browser tab.

Tenant-based Delegation

  • You can add Admins in AdminDroid, and delegate access to one or more tenants as per your management requirements.

Advanced Scheduling Capabilities

Schedule with Views & Filters

  • You can easily schedule your customized Views including the Filters applied and get them emailed swiftly. Also, schedule directly from the report page without losing any customization like Filters applied, Views and Tenants selection.
  • Just schedule the report, IF (Intelligent Filtering) will take care of automatic filtering. For instance, if you schedule ‘Failed User Logins’ report to be triggered daily, IF will take care of filtering only the previous day’s failed login activities.
  • Tweak your schedule reports with customized column choice. This allows you to have different set of column customization based on your exporting needs.
  • When you create a schedule, you can opt to allow other AdminDroid users to subscribe that schedule. Other AdminDroid users can send a subscription request for those schedules. You will receive the request via email; which you shall review and accept or decline.

365 Reporting

  • 30+ reports on Teams, Channels, Private Channels, Teams Membership, Teams Ownership, Team Settings and more.
  • Reports to monitor Teams membership changes, Ownership changes, Ownership promotion/de-promotion. Separate category introduced to keep track of changes in Teams private channels.
  • AdminDroid extends auditing capability to Microsoft Stream with 40+ new reports. Monitor Teams meeting/call recordings, and sharing activities. Monitor all the activities such as live event recordings, video share, view, download, like and more.
  • Reports to ease Guest/External user management in your organization. Monitor External User Group Membership, Creation, Deletion, Teams membership, etc.
  • 50+ reports to provide birds-eye view of various Office 365 services in terms of usage, settings, etc. This new category would be extremely helpful for MSPs, CSPs, and Microsoft Partners who manages multiple tenants.
  • Self-service password reset, group-based license changes, login via PowerShell, User’s monthly login summary, and many more reports were added in existing categories.