Bullhorn Engage 2024

Cubex Group – Helping You Work Outside the Box

Cubex Group is your die-hard IT partner & advocate. We tackle Bullhorn integration from start to finish. Our proven process starts by immersing ourselves in your business. Once we know your current state and goals, our people can integrate Bullhorn with your job boards, social media, payroll, financial reporting, and more.

But that’s not our only service. For small–to–medium–sized businesses, here’s where we shine:

Building Automation

Your efficiency and performance are only as good as your workflows. Rather than forcing your people to wade through routine work, we create automated processes that empower them to work on problems that require their creativity, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills. Our notebook has functional code you can use for automations (click here to preview how it works).

Reengaging Your Data

Staffing firms are rich with data, but unless leaders have visibility, accessibility, and trust in those insights, they’ll fall short of their goals. Cubex Group can help leverage data from across your tech stack to increase placements, enhance operations, and boost profitability.

Protecting Your Business

Are your data assets locked up like Fort Knox or open like an all-you-can-eat buffet? The Cubex Group Security Stack (CGSS) is an enterprise-wide solution that will protect your organization from existing and emerging threats. With our Managed Detection Response, you’ll have 24/7 managed cybersecurity with complete visibility on your end. Learn more here.

Our Partners Unlock Your Potential

Bullhorn is only the beginning. Cubex Group has the partnerships to transform your business inside and out. Here’s how we’ll help change your staffing business for the better:

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Bullhorn Engage 2024