Helping You Work Outside the Box

Whether you’re a one-person show or ready to scale your multi-office staffing team, Cubex Group can help you unlock the full power of your data.

We tackle Bullhorn integration from start to finish. Our proven process starts by immersing ourselves in your business. Once we know your current state and goals, our people can integrate Bullhorn with your job boards, social media, payroll, financial reporting, and more.

But that’s not all we bring to the table. For over 20 years, we have been tailoring technology solutions in the New York metro, addressing current needs while laying the foundation for a better future. From small–to–medium–sized businesses, we handle the whole laundry list of IT essentials.

  • Consulting – You need systems and applications that do business your way. Digital transformation is often the first step on the roadmap to future success. With the right technology stack or data ecosystem, you lay the foundational structure for your services to run without any cyber hiccups. And since the customer is king, you will want your Bullhorn system to collect all your sales leads and customer interactions under one umbrella. Cubex can help you select and implement the products that will augment that power for your people.
  • MSP Custom Solutions – Whether your business relies on a single server or infrastructures spanning multiple offices, Cubex Group will find the right hardware and service plans to fit your needs. When you are trying to weigh the options of choosing off-the-shelf software or commissioning a custom-made solution, we can guide you through that pivotal decision. And we do all this while putting together a comprehensive cybersecurity plan to mitigate risks and protect the most valuable details of your business.

By looking at your situation from both a granular and all-encompassing level, we will find the answers to empower growth and increase revenue for your business.


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