CGSS: Managed Detection and Response Service

Monitor and Detect Threats with Our Managed Detection and Response Service

When your business feels pressures on all sides from cyberthreats and abnormal activities, you need IT security that can scale with your business objective and requirements.

Within the Cubex Group Security Stack (CGSS), Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is crucial for enhancing cybersecurity defenses, incorporating a 24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC) that serves as a sophisticated command center. This center monitors continuously and actively responds to threats across various platforms, including endpoints, network devices like firewalls, and cloud services such as Office 365 and Google Workspace. It employs a combination of AI and experienced threat hunters who make recommendations and take decisive actions to address security incidents. This proactive approach ensures that cybersecurity can scale with your business objectives and requirements, providing the robust oversight needed in today’s complex digital landscape.

Our MDR service extends beyond simple alerting, offering detailed threat investigation and remediation to neutralize and prevent future vulnerabilities effectively. The SOC’s capabilities include monitoring extensive digital environments, ensuring that threats are identified and mitigated swiftly, thus enhancing organizational resilience. Moreover, the SOC’s monitoring extends to crucial cloud services, which are vital as businesses increasingly move their operations online. Traditional on-premises security solutions may fall short in protecting these environments, making the SOC’s comprehensive capabilities crucial for continuous protection.

Learn how Cubex Group and N-Able can monitor and defend your networks locally and across the cloud.

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