If you’re not a technical person, the term DNS might read like another spoonful of IT-industry alphabet soup. Yet more than just another buzzword, the hierarchical Domain Name System (DNS) is the directory of the internet and can determine the safety of your browsing experience.

In technical terms, the point of a DNS is to translate domain names into IP addresses. In fact, when you type a website name into your browser, send an email to a colleague, or even turn on a light in a smart home, DNS is involved. DNS takes the name of the internet site trying to reach you and converts it to the code needed for a device reach that destination. 

But you don’t want to just visit any website. Tools like DNSFilter are a necessary security measure, just one of the many you should be using to protect yourself from phishing and other cybersecurity attacks. This is an increasingly relevant problem. In fact, insurance companies are beginning to ask what measures you are taking to ensure the safety and security of your business website, asking questions like:

“Are you using a protective DNS service to prevent access to domains known to be malicious?”

In other words, what cybersecurity measures are you taking? If you can’t answer that with confidence, then you’ve come to the right place. Cubex Group has leveraged DNSFilter to protect your company and business users.

What is it? / How does it work?

DNSFilter looks at the site you want to go to and uses its intelligent engines to decide if the site you’re visiting is safe or not. The system is constantly learning and adjusting the available sites you should be able to visit versus those considered malicious and/or problematic. Essentially, it’s like a mesh window screen keeping air flowing but preventing mosquitoes and other pests from stinging you when you least expect it.

The application will work on any PC in the office or at home, ensuring your business’s internet use is safe anywhere.

Content Filtering

One of the critical ways the system works is by taking generally bad sites out of the equation. You start with basic categorization of what to ban (adult content, terrorism and hate, hacking and cracking, etc.) and you can prevent your staff from visiting sites, either accidentally or intentionally, that can jeopardize your business.

This isn’t a static list. The sites within these categories are constantly updated to ensure new sites or malicious trends never fly under our radar.

Threat Management

Another component of DNSFilter is blocking known threats as they appear. Denying access to botnets, crypto mining sites, known malware sites, and others keeps staff safe as they use the internet.

Domain spoofing is another issue DNSFilter overcomes. The tactic—which involves registering fake domains that are close to real, highly trafficked ones—allows hackers to trick people into clicking malicious links. Using DNSFilter blocks these fraudulent domains, especially any page less than 30 days old, so users don’t even have to worry about being tricked.

App Aware

DNSFilter can block certain types of programs from accessing the internet, boosting your security posture in the process. Do you want to prohibit corporate laptops from accessing BitTorrent? No problem. Do you want to ensure they are only using sanctioned cloud services? Easy. We can block applications you don’t want, adding another layer to the security stack so your users are safe.

Insurance Requirements

DNSFilter is a key component to ensuring your firm stays safe. As we mentioned, many insurance companies are now requiring firms to have levels of security in place to ensure the safety of the staff working at the location, as well as the data that is worked with daily. DNSFilter can improve your security posture in a way to optimize your insurance quotes and coverage in an increasingly complex system.

Cubex Group Security Stack

The Cubex Group Security Stack (CGSS) is an enterprise-wide solution that will protect your organization from existing and emerging threats, using a measured response designed to keep your environment safe. With our layered solution stack, which includes DNSFilter, you’ll know that data, your most valuable asset, is always protected.

Cubex Group recommends DNSFilter is deployed to all machines – even those protected by a UTM Firewall. Basically, any user working from home on a corporate machine should have DNSFilter in place. We also recommend considering the installation of DNSFilter on personal machines if users are accessing corporate data on them.

Deployment takes less than an hour if the machine is already managed by our remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution, which should be on every corporate machine you’re using. Rather than leaving your business at the risk of users clicking the wrong link or unwanted visitors accessing sensitive data, you screen out the threats before they take a bite out of your business and employees.

Ready to Keep Hackers from Taking Your Data? Take a Look at Our Custom Solutions and Connect with Cubex Group Today.

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